"I was amazed by how quick I learned Portuguese!"

13 maio 2014
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Isabella Knappe – Germany

Portuguese class for foreigners in Brazil
Isabella nova 2For 2 months I stayed in Aracaju, Brazil, to learn Portuguese and get to know the Brazilian culture. Every day I had 2 hours of Portuguese lessons at a language school. The teachers were very nice and helped me to get integrated very quickly. After a few weeks I was already able to understand the people and speak a bit. As soon as I made friends I talked a lot more Portuguese and was amazed by how quick I learned the language.

The life in Brazil is a lot different from the life in Europe. I lived together with a family in a flat in a gated community. The area where I lived had a public swimming pool and a gym where you could participate at fitness courses. So I spent a lot of time in the community, what made it very easy to make friends. Often me and my friends would go to the swimming pool.

Outside of the gated community I went a lot to markets. I loved all the different fruits there and the fresh squeezed juices we made of them. There are so many fruits that I didn’t even try them all. The food there, that comes along with about everything you eat, is black beans with rice there. Another type of food that I experienced is tapioca, which is very nice as well. In the weekends we often drove to a beach and had a walk.

The 2 months were great!

I learned a lot in Brazil and will never regret the time I spend there.


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