The Olympic Games in Brazil and the desire to stay longer

3 agosto 2016
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Enjoy your time in Brazil and add the country to your map of places to study for a semester/ year!

Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, is spreading excitement, happiness, joy… The atmosphere is strongly vibrant and even with the concerns about politics, health and security, foreigners land in Rio and fall in love with it. It is a beautiful city with a kind and receptive people. Foreigners will have the chance to meet Brazilians from every region of the country: South, Southeast, North, Northeast, and Midwest. It will be a great experience for international and local people! It will be an amazing time for sports and a spectacular chance to be in contact with other cultures and to learn how the differences can enrich everyone.



Enjoy your time in Rio during the Olympic Games, go to the incredible beaches, get the samba beat into your soul, enjoy the city nightlife, taste the flavors of Brazilian food, fancy this special moment in Brazil with us! Let´s celebrate the diversity and experience a bit of the Brazilian lifestyle.

Brazil is a huge country, with many cosmopolitan cities, seaside towns, countryside towns, mountain towns, a variety of landscapes and regional cultures. Visit at least one place of each region and keep an eye out for which one you feel better in, one place which you could choose as your favorite and you may want to return to and stay longer. 😉


Cidades do Brasil MAPAei

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 Pack up all this knowledge and be a bridge among cultures and people around the world.


Marcia Tichauer

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