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Come study in Brazil, get to know our diverse culture, history and breathtaking landscapes. MAPAei offers all the needed support and guidance to help students process all legal documentation and choose their course.

Portuguese is the official language of 8 countries in the world and it’s the 4th with the largest number of speakers, today around 290 million people speak Portuguese!

For those interested in doing business in Brazil, mastering the language will greatly help this goal. On top of that, knowing the Brazilian culture, its economic and political system is a big step forward to successfully deal with this consumer market of over 201 million people.

Brazil is a highly diversified economy and one of the largest consumer markets in the world, with a highly productive agriculture sector, a broad and sophisticated industrial base, one of the most solid and prudently regulated financial sectors in the G20, the largest stock market in Latin America and has abundant natural resources, including energy.” (Apex)

Study in Campinas/SP-Brazil

Especially in Campinas, MAPAei has renowned partners and a structure ready to welcome foreigner students.

The Welcome Program is designed to introduce and support foreign students to his/her new day-by-day life, by a Brazilian person who speaks English and lives in the city.

The student will get to know how to reach the School/ University from his accommodation, where the nearest supermarket is, also the pharmacy, hospital, banks and will get valuable tips about transportation system, telephony, among others.

This way, settled and adjusted to the new city, the experience of living and studying in Campinas-SP will be smooth and enjoyable.


We help you to find suitable accommodation for your period of stay in Campinas-SP.
Rent a Room: be accommodated in individual rooms in homestays or students residences. Suitable for students planning to stay for a short (1 month) or long period.
Hostel: indicated to those students staying for a short period (less than 1 month) in Campinas or to those who prefer to become familiar with the city and then decide where to live.
Studio Apartment: for students staying for at least three months, preferring to live alone in a furnished place.


The classes of Portuguese as a Foreign Language are offered one-on-one, providing greater flexibility in structure and focus, and in turn allowing for more customization for the specific objectives of each and every student.

In business since 1998, Inova Centro de Línguas is distinguished by a broad approach in teaching and offers its clients an experience that goes beyond the classroom walls. We specialize in catering to specific needs in foreign language teaching and training.

Classrooms: equipped with interactive digital whiteboards;
Coffee Shop: free wi-fi hotspot and cable TV;
Cinema: 100 inch HD projection and comfortable seating;
Library: movies, books and extra studying materials.

Study at PUC-Campinas as a Student Visitor for 6 or 12 months and experience the Higher Education System in Brazil. You can choose subjects over 40 courses that are taught in Portuguese and enjoy all the structure that a large University can offer.

PUC-Campinas Colleges:
* Accounting | Economics | Business;
* Medicine | Nursing | Biology | Psychology;
* Systems Analysis | Architecture and Urbanism | Engineering Courses | Geography | Mathematics | Chemistry;
* Communication | Languages |Arts & Design;
* Social Sciences | Social Services | History | Philosophy | Law | Biblioteconomy | Physical Education | Education | Theology | Religious Sciences.


The largest city of Brazilian inland, with more than one million inhabitants, Campinas is located in the heart of the state of São Paulo, the richest, most populous and industrialized one in the country.

The city is close both to the capital São Paulo (96 km), Brazil financial heart, and to Santos port (172 km), the largest one in Latin America.

Campinas is the center-city of a metropolitan region comprising 20 towns, with more than 3 million inhabitants.

About MAPAei

MAPAei is a company dedicated to encouraging and promoting Exchange and Travel Programs aiming at advancing multilanguage learning, enriching multicultural experience and providing specialization in many professional areas. It assists students, researchers, professionals and travellers to find personalized international programs making the dream of living, for a short or long period of time, in another country come true.

Let MAPAei guide you in choosing the right program, finding suitable accommodation and providing support to process all legal documentation guaranteeing you an amazing journey in this incredible country.

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